Closing dates for competitors!

Here are the important closing dates in the next few weeks, don’t miss out!

Dogs Monday 24th June 2019 (postmark)

There is also a fun companion dog show for all to enter, entries taken on the day.

Horses, Cattle Sheep, Vintage machinery 6th July, 2019
Poultry 12th July, 2019
Rabbits 12th July, 2019
Cavies 12th July, 2019
Pigeons 16th July, 2019
Ferrets Entries taken on day
Horticulture (including Flower Show) Entries taken on day
Cacti 22nd July, 2019
Roses Entries taken on day
Home Baking 22nd July but Entries taken on day
Honey 13th July, 2019
Children’s classes, entries taken on day

With over one hundred horse, cattle and sheep classes, twenty seven goat classes, vintage machinery classes and an impressive number of trophies, awards, appearance and prize money, the Cleveland Show attracts exhibitors from all around the North.

There are also over five hundred classes for Dog, Poultry, Rabbit, Pigeon, Ferret, Cavies, Honey, Roses and Horticulture. And our new Home Baking section introduced last year, so come on all you home bakers, LET’S BAKE!

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